Note to Self’s Music Video for “Akrasia” Shines Light on Mental Disorder

Note To Self’s “Akrasia” will touch many that suffer from mental illnesses. I was skeptical when I first read the news release, but Note To Self truly have created a song that will show others that they are not alone, and perhaps shed the light on how those that suffer feel.

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Gallows Bound – January 14, 2016

I had the chance to do an email interview with Gallows Bound, and jumped at the chance! I recently shared information about their current tour and the release of their new video, “Sink In The Soil.” Which, by the way is amazing! These guys are not metal by any means and they are defiantly hard to categorize. Honestly, the best thing you can do is read the interview and then take a listen – what do you have to lose ? Nothing! And everything to gain – or well at least a new band to listen to and it doesn’t get much better than that!

Read The Interview Here!

Not By Sight – Jane Train – January 14, 2016

I recently had the opportunity to do an email interview with Jane from Not By Sight. Her personality really shines through in the interview, don’t you just want to go hang out with her ?!? But now for the hard part, waiting for the cd to come out and for them to go on tour. . . ( I recently posted a News Release with their new song “Stand” that you should definately check out!)

Read The Interview Here! 

Not By Sight Releases First Single, “Stand”, Featuring Members Of Evanescence, Saint Asonia, & Sevendust

I love this song!  “Stand” by Not By Sight is just amazing!  As soon as I am done writing this I am going to go download it, I know you are going too, right ?   I’m quite a bit sad that I am only just now being introduced to her voice, but now that I have I’m in love with it!


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Gallows Bound Announce North American Tour Dates with Old Salt Union

So excited to be sharing this with you! Have you heard of Gallows Bound ? They are a unique blend of folk, old time country, and yes a touch, just a touch of rock. I’m pretty in love with their video and sound!

Check them out and if you can see them live, report back to me would you ? I’m not going to be able to make any of their dates and am pretty bummed!

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