Sabaton – Pär Sundström – Interview – Ready to Rock at Louder Than Life 2016!

Is this your first time performing at Louder Than Life ?  
Yes it is! And we are looking forward to it. We like the idea of getting exposure on festivals to a wider audience!

If yes, what are you most excited about ? 
Always being on the stage. It will be fun for sure!

Or if this is your first time there, is there a place you are looking forward to eating at ? 
I have not yet had the time to think about what to eat. Actually I’m not a huge fan of food, I’m quite simple and don’t set too high demands.
Speaking of food, one of the best things about Louder Than Life is the Gourmet Man Food that is offered!  Have you checked out what will be available and if so what are you going to try? Last year one of the vendors had the most amazing French fries!

Well, french fries is for me no more than necessary evil sometimes. If I can avoid it I will, even if they are amazing. If I’m gonna be fat I might as well having fun getting there by drinking the calories instead!

Part of Louder Than Life is also the adult beverages ! Will you be experimenting with the bourbon or the brews, or both ? Anything you are looking forward to trying ?
I was not aware of that, lets see what we can get our hands on if we get in a party mood.

Do you have a must go to place in Louisville?   Or if this is your first time, is there a place you are wanting to check out ? 
We have been there a few times before. But we don’t have so much time to go out and see stuff. We do around 150 shows in a year all around the world and usually we are quite busy with things. Even so I take my time when there is something I really wanna see in a city.

Who are you hoping to see perform at Louder Than Life and why? 
I’ve seen all bands on the billing that I am interested in so I gonna spend the time talking to fans instead.

What is your favorite song to perform live, and will you be playing it at Louder Than Life ? 
Primo Victoria and yes we will play it!

What does the rest of 2016 look like for you guys ?
We are touring with the exception maybe 3 weeks the rest of the year. After new year starts the main Eu tour.