GWAR – Pustulus – October 25, 2016!

Adam will be giving a show review of GWAR’s upcoming stop at Mr. Small’s Theatere in Millvale, PA, on October 28, 2016!  Will he see you there?  Or are you going to one of the other shows on this tour?   In the meantime, check out Adam’s interview with Pustulus!  -graci

If I understand correctly, your costumes are an aliens interpretation of what humans are like, correct? I’m super curious to know what was the original inspiration for the costumes was and how you came up with it ?

The Road Warrior movie was a big part of it for sure. From what I remember Hunter Jackson had an idea for some Scumdogs from space and Dave Brockie had a band. The two joined forces and the rest is history. The costume element and mythos behind them definitely evolved through the years. I’m not so sure about the aliens’ interpretation of humans as GWAR was on the Earth before mankind and inadvertently created the human race by fucking apes. Members of GWAR walked the Earth through various periods of time as well. The birth of Rome, the Pleistocene Epoch, and even the full Mesozoic Era to witness and survive the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event.

How do you think Oderous would have reacted to recent political events, Such as the presidential race?

He would be Angry. More angered than usual. The threat of the Romney or McCain taking office really wasn’t that grave a situation. The economic hardships most Americans faced through the end of the Bush years and beginning of Obama’s first term had smoothed out a bit. Obama took a second term and the country didn’t fall apart. Typically that’s good news. Now we stand at the brink of a war-mongering, anti-intellectual, foul 3 mouthed, buffoon possessing zero couth versus a highly unethical, double talking woman who would use the U.S. as a vehicle to concrete her position in a vast criminal empire which she was fought hard to establish through her life long career as a corporate blood sucking piece of shit. Oderus, although his love for war, had a greater disdain for Republicans. Probably because of their uncanny ability to get poor white people to completely vote against their interests by claiming to be on their side when really it’s always the richest of the rich that benefit from their policies while the poor are smashed lower down the totem pole. Oderus would rather be the key manipulator but in this case how could he outwit a country so hell-bent on destroying itself. The citizens are dumb enough to buy into and side-up with a manufactured two-party system when there are other candidates clearly available so his only joy may be that the whole thing would implode in on itself.

Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

Personally for me I’d have to say Motorhead, Zeke, Roky Erickson, Sepultura, Judas Priest, The Ramones, Dark Funeral, and Marduk to name a few.

It seems like playing in a costume would be pretty hard, do you guys practice in your costumes? How heavy is your heaviest costume ?

Mine is around 50lbs. I don’t think it’s too difficult but each costume has it’s own set of different issues. Bal Sac can barely see his fret-board. I have an uncovered midsection and my arms are free so I feel pretty unhindered by it unless I’m in tight quarters. I feel pretty comfortable in the suit but once it’s on it’s not me anymore. Pustulus takes over.

How did your most recent GwarBQ go, what was your favorite moment? Any plans for one in 2017?

My favorite moment was catching Krisiun’s performance at the B4BQ and hanging with my friends in the band, The Sawyer Family. They are great people and I love them all to death. They’re like family.

As far as next year goes I think we are outgrowing the current venue for sure. Big festivals are hard to put on in Richmond, VA which is why you really don’t see many around here. Most large concerts even skip over RVA. I think we’ve done really well in the past and it’s time we revisit something resembling an earlier formula and possibly scale it back a tiny bit. Although, that doesn’t mean those attending the next GBQ will be missing anything. We’re still figuring out the best way to put this on and make it worthwhile for us and fans alike. Even at your greatest successes you’re always involved in a learning process so we can only aim to make things better as we move forward. In short, we want everyone to come out and have a blast, even though GWAR wants you to die.

Are Gor Gor and Olderous a random event or is he/she planned out in advanced? Is there any particular reason not every show gets the chance to experience it?

Most of GWAR’s storyline works very linearly. We don’t really have re-runs so as the GWAR universe expands, new stories are being told and if you’re not around to catch the tours as they happen that may be the only time you can witness that particular show and story line.

What is the weirdest thing you’ve been asked to do while in costume ?

Smile. No, seriously…

Bam Margera gave me a kitten to hold while I was in costume doing an interview. Didn’t really ask though, but I like cats so that was a pleasant surprise.
Pretty much anything anyone asks me to do is strange because Pustulus and the other Scumdogs really don’t take requests.

Do you have a song that means the most to you? And if so, can you please share the story of that song ?

Music can be very personal and also musical taste is ever evolving. It really depends on where my head is at during any given place and time. The words of songs like the The Yonder Beckons by the Devil’s Blood speak to me. It basically spells out the desire to be gone from this world. Life in general is pretty meaningless. It only holds value to those experiencing it in the present. There is nothing on the other side of death. Period. We are high functioning organisms with complex task oriented brains to make decisions and choices that would be beneficial for survival and reproduction. Emotions are nothing more than chemical reactions in the brain designed help you make those decisions. Our design is simply a result of the evolutionary process based around the fundamental aspects of every organism which, again, are survival and reproduction. Everything you enjoy is only for the moment until you face the slow decay of your body and brain. Meanwhile society revolves around a manufactured idea which is called currency. In order to even attempt to live a life of happiness you must play by the rules of systems put in place by those who would benefit from your participation. Basically, do what it takes to generate enough currency to survive. Money isn’t everything, it’s actually nothing in reality. Do your spirits feel lifted yet?

Tomorrow’s song choice might be different, like I Wanna Live or I Believe in Miracles by the Ramones.

Do you have a song that is your favorite to perform? And if so, why?

Any U.S. Bastard song because the writing style is very much based around how I like to play the guitar. As far as GWAR songs go, I like to play songs like Pre-skool Prostitue, Rock and Roll Never Felt So Good. The riffage on those is great although I also really like tunes with a bluesy lead section. I don’t have a single favorite tune. Playing guitar is my favorite thing to do and performing live is pretty high up on the list as well. I enjoy performing too many to list.

What does your guys’ writing process look like ? Any funny stories from your last recording session?

All over the place. Some songs are written with the whole band in the room by just throwing parts back and forth. Other songs can be completely written and brought to the table as a finished piece. Some are half and half of both those methods. Every song comes together a little differently and we don’t stick to one formula. The very different musical tastes of each member is what has always made GWAR sound the way it does. I can’t think of any crazy stories right of the top of my head other than watching Dave work “drink poop wine” into a song’s lyrics and have it sound great. A tid bit of insider info that no one knows is that I probably did 75% of my guitar tracks on Battle Maximus with muddy work boots on and clothes and hands covered in dirt and PVC glue.

What is your favorite food to eat while on tour ?

Lottaburger with green chiles. El Modelo in Albuquerque is also a favorite.

What is something that your fans would be surprised to learn about you?

I still go to work every day as a contractor. I live far outside of the city in seclusion and raise a family where we work a small farm with chickens, rabbits and the like. Trying to be less dependent on modern infrastructure for food and necessities. I think living outside the system and trying to provide for yourself is the most punk rock thing you can do. I also am happy wearing a mask as fame doesn’t suit me. Superficial and material things aren’t important.

Is there a question you wish someone would ask you ? If so, please ask it and answer it!

Would you like another drink?
Why yes I would, thank you.

Any big plans for 2017? What can fans expect to see/hear from you?

We want to get a new record out and hit the road again for sure! GWAR has a lot of plans and should be coming back with a bang. I wish I could tell you more but we’re keeping a pretty tight lid on much of what we’re discussing. Everything will center around the new record but be prepared to see the band get a major facelift as well as a killer new show and a few other surprises. My other band U.S. Bastards will have some new material out, a full length and EP and will do some full U.S. tours as well.

Take care. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.