Lana G – Fan Interview – Ready to Rock at Louder Than Life 2016!

Louder Than Life 2016 is two days of amazing Rock n’ Roll ! It takes place on October 1st & 2nd at Champions Park, Louisville, Kentucky!

Is this your first time at Louder Than Life ?

Yes – this is my husband and my first time to LTL!  We’ve been not-so- patiently counting down the days since we made the decision in July at the Chicago Open Air Festival.   

If yes, what are you most excited/nervous about ?

We are very excited to meet up and camp with a large group of new friends that we’ve gotten to know from Rock On The Range and Chicago Open Air!  They are a major factor in us attending this festival.  They were so awesome and welcoming, and hanging with them is like hanging with some of your best buds.


What is your favorite thing about Louder Than Life?

I’m really digging the fact that it’s in an open field.  I’ve seen so many different peoples pics and I just cannot wait to get there an experience it myself.

What do you most look forward to food wise when going to Louisville, Kentucky?

Food….. yeah I love it, all of it!   Got tips on the best BBQ in Louisville? – Please share!  I love me some BBQ!

Speaking of food, one of the best things about Louder Than Life is the Gourmet Man Food that is offered!  Have you checked out what will be available and if so what are you going to try? Last year one of the vendors had the most amazing French fries!

At Rock On The Range we were turned on to Island Noodles!   We’ll definitely be getting some of those!  Some FaceBook friends have been raving about some sort of Bacon Doughnuts?…… yeah, I’ll be finding myself some of those!  And BBQ, more BBQ.
Part of Louder Than Life is also the adult beverages ! Will you be experimenting with the bourbon or the brews, or both ? Anything you are looking forward to trying ?

We love trying the local brews when we travel anywhere, so I’ll definitely be imbibing in those often.  And yes, I would assume I’d have to have AT LEAST 1 bourbon cocktail….   

We are bringing down local Buffalo, NY brew with us to share with our camping buddies, so if you’re are in the campground area just start chanting Let’s Go Buffalo (Buffalo Bills chant) and maybe I’ll give you a beer!

Do you have a must go to place in Louisville?   Or if this is your first time, is there a place you are wanting to check out ?

This is our first time ever in Louisville we are driving down from Buffalo, NY early Thursday and getting a room just outside of the city.  I found this company called City Taste Tours, and they take you out on a 3-4 hour of Louisville – we’ll get to see some great sights, hear some history and get some various tastings in too!  I’ve been told I need to have a Hot Brown, drink plenty of bourbon and also have a mint julep –  LOL.   It picks us up just off 4th street, and from all I’ve read, that area is a must see.  So after our tasting tour, you can find us on 4th!

Who are you most excited to see at Louder Than Life ?

We’ve see ALOT of bands, but I am excited to see again:

Parkway Drive (insane pit)

Slipknot (no explanation needed)

Anthrax & Slayer  (it’s Anthrax, and Slayer!)

After checking out the line up, which band that you’ve never seen perform are you most excited to see ?

With meeting new people at these other festivals, sharing a beer and talking music (shocker, right?), I’m looking forward to seeing for the first time:

The Amity Affliction (a friend from ROTR loves them – shout out to Mike McNulty!)

Motionless in White (been hearing them on Sirius Radio and I’m digging them)

Ghost (friend from COA gave me some back story on them, and I’m really liking the 2 songs I’ve been hearing on Sirius)

Trivium (they are at most festivals I got to, but I must be either way drunk or on a pee break because I keep missing them!)

Cheap Trick and the Cult (come on! – 2 classics)