BLACK STONE CHERRY have unveiled their video for ‘In Our Dreams’

Have you seen BLACK STONE CHERRY’S video for “In Our Dreams?”    If not, you really need to check it out, I’m currently listening to it as I type and it’s amazing!  I for one can’t wait for the new cd to come out April 1st!

So what are you waiting for ?   Check it out NOW!


BLACK STONE CHERRY tell us, “We’re so proud of this video as visually it’s a direction we really haven’t taken before.  We wanted a powerful performance with a very unique narrative and we believe we’ve achieved it!  We hope y’all enjoy!

Drummer John Fred Young elaborates, saying “We wanted the video for ‘In Our Dreams’ to bring the songs lyrics to life.  Director Kyle Cogan helped us to forge new ground, visually.  His unique sci-fi storyline of two sisters, tragically separated into two social classes in an oppressed underwater civilization run by an evil leader, accompanied the lyrics so well, and metaphorically, the story feels like it relates to current world circumstances.

Director Kyle Cogan informs us, “From concept to completion, it was a total collaboration across many disciplines. We worked with the band to create a striking narrative that would require a heavily stylized world.  It was great to see the vision come alive practically on set, and through visual effects in post production.