Finnish Metallers Reckless Love Releasing “InVader” on March 4

Finland’s merry metallers Reckless Love will release their fourth studio album,InVader, on March 4 via Spinefarm Records. It’s the follow-up to the colourful quartet’s 2013 release Spirit.

In Vader features all new, original materia, and sees the musicians exploring fresh sounds as well as delivering their audience-pleasing signature party anthems. It is available for pre-order with “Monster” available as an instant grat track.

“Our latest album InVader sends a fresh breeze from Finland to all over the world in March 2016,” explains drummer Hessu Maxx. “We took our time with this album and it was worth it. InVader is our boldest and most versatile album so far. We recorded these killer songs, we found the sound and it’s all there. There is nothing to add. We really nailed it this time. We are really looking forward to getting back on the road because that is where we belong. You’re going to see and hear this merry metal four piece even stronger than before.”


1. We Are the Weekend
2. Hands
3. Monster
4. Child of the Sun
5. Bullettime
6. Scandinavian Girls
7. Pretty Boy Swagger
8. Rock It
9. Destiny
10. Let’s Get Cracking
11. Keep It Up All Night (UK Bonus Track)