Scott Stapp Interview – January 26, 2016

I had the amazing honor to do an email interview with Scott Stapp lead singer of Creed.   Scott recently released his solo cd “Proof of Life” and a video for “Slow Suicide.”    What are you waiting for?  Read the interview and then go check out the songs!


Scott, you have been so open about your struggles I know you will, and probably already have changed some lives and thoughts on mental illness. When one is struggling and going through such dark times, sometimes knowing that some else has gone through it before, made it out and has overcame it can be that one spark in the dark to lead them out also.  So I thank you for being that voice and making a difference.   To those reading this interview right now, is there anything more you’d like to say to them? 

Thank you, I want to make a difference in my fans lives and just tell them don’t be afraid to ask for help.

2015 seems to have been a year of great growth and healing for you and your family, do you think this will affect your music in any way?  

My personal life always affects my music. When I started in the industry at 18 and now, being in my early 40’s my perspective has changed and you can see that shift in my music. The music I create has always been and will always be a reflection on where I have been in my life – I write about what I know.

I love the lyrics to “Slow Suicide,” to me they seem to be a call to live your life and to love what you are doing.   Does this reflect where you are in your life as you move forward in your recovery?   

Definitely! As I take my recovery day by day I continue to love life and being with my family.

You started out your tour in South Africa, playing 3 dates there, South Africa isn’t typically where one starts out a tour, can you share with us why you chose to start there?   

The fans in South Africa were excited for me to come and visit so when I heard about the opportunity to play there I thought it would be a great experience. This was my first trip to South Africa and I always wanted to visit so I jumped on the chance to play for the fans.

 Can you share with us some of your experiences in South Africa?   

It was a lot of fun! I was able to get to know a whole new group of fans who were so welcoming!

 Your announced tour for “Proof of Life,” is only a few months long, what can we expect to see from Scott Stapp in 2016?

I have a couple of projects in the works right now and when I can share more details with the fans, they will know!

 Over the years you have done some music collaborations, can we dare hope to see some for 2016?    Is there any artists that you would like to collaborate with? 

Yes, once I complete the first part of my tour in February I am going to head back in the studio and I will be working with some really incredible musicians.

 I have a feeling 2016 is going to be your year, what are you hopes and dreams for 2016?

I am just focusing on taking everything one day at a time and being with my family.