Decivilize – Tim Beyer – October 6, 2016.

If you haven’t heard of Decivilze – you’re going to be !   They are poised on the brink of amazingness!  Give them a listen and be sure to check out their self-titled CD that was released on September 30, 2016!   – graci 

When explaining your music to someone how hasn’t heard it, how do you describe your music?  

We try to incorporate a lot of different styles of metal into our songs, if you like heavy metal you will find something about our music that will catch your ear for sure! If I had to explain what style we were to someone I guess I would have to say catchy groove metal with touches of symphonic metal!

What originally got you into music ?

What originally got me into playing music was one of my 4 older sisters had a boyfriend in a band and when he played guitar in front of me I was fascinated with it immediately , I sold my brand new Nintendo ( a pretty big deal for a 12 year old kid) and got my first guitar!

Do you happen to recall the first time you performed, and can you please tell us about it

The first time I ever performed live was at The City Centre Theatre in Green Bay in front of about 1000 people, it was scary as hell, I was just a 17 year old kid with band members in their 20s all drinking and having fun and I was pretty much so scared I could hardly move!

Do you have a song that means the most to you?  And if so, can you please share the story of that song ?

The song that means the most to me off of our album is probably Top Of The World, it’s one of the first ones I wrote when forming the band, it’s my “classic”.

Do you have a song that is your favorite to perform?  And if so, why? 

My favorite song to perform is “One Soul For Sale”, for a guitarist it’s the most challenging and fun.

What does your guys’ writing process look like ?  Any funny stories from your last recording session?

Our writing process is fairly solid and matured over the last couple of years, I write/record the guitar parts at home with a drum program, after a few weeks of making changes I send it to our singer Kurt, once he has some solid lyric ideas we record them, make any changes we feel necessary then it gets sent to our drummer Thor and bass player CJ to learn, once everybody knows how to play the songs we jam through them and make any more changes if needed, then we re-record everything just for the practice!

Do you try and stay true to your genre?   If so, why?  If not, how does mixing it up look like ?

That’s what is nice about having all different “styles” incorporated into our songs, we stay true to being metal with a lot of flavor in each song!

Who would your dream collaboration be with ? 

My dream collaboration would be with Brann the drummer from Mastodon, Nadja from Coal Chamber on bass, Joe from Gojira singing and playing guitar with me with Suzuka from Babymetal signing the clean parts! That would be a sight to see and hear!

What is your favorite food to eat while on tour ? 

Favorite food on tour is anytime we can stay at someones house to crash and they make us ANYTHING homecooked, the Arbys dollar menu gets old after about 3 days!

What is something that your fans would be surprised to learn about you? 

Something that the fans would be surprised to learn about me is that I am mostly made of METAL! I have a metal lower back and my neck disks are made of metal along with my right shoulder! I live and breath metal, that is all!

Is there a question you wish someone would ask you ?  If so, please ask it and answer it!
A question I were to wish someone would ask me: Why? Why do you keep trying and doing what your doing? Answer: I can’t stop, I don’t know why, there is just something driving me to keep playing metal music! There is no better feeling than being on stage and seeing people truly enjoy what I’ve created alone in my little studio, it’s a wonderful feeling!

What does the rest of 2016 look like for you?  What can fans expect to see/hear from you? 

The rest of 2016 will be us finishing our second album in pre-production so it’s ready to present to the label when it comes time, we are doing just a few shows in our area and we are just waiting for the right tour to pop up in our email to get on and get this train rolling! 2017 we hope to be on tour a lot and get our name out there so people can see us live in person!

Thank you again for the interview! We really appreciate it!
Tim Beyer/guitars/synth/backing vocals/DECIVILIZE