From Ashes To New at Stage AE, Pittsburgh, PA.


Photo Credit:  Adam Sweet

Here at Stage AE downtown Pittsburgh,Pa, a venue I frequent probably too often, because it is one of my favorites! The security is always polite, thorough, and prices for shows and food isn’t outrageous – which is amazing! PA systems are good and up to date, and the venue is always nice and clean.

And here they were, From Ashes to New, a band that for the better part of a year I have avoided due to misnomers I had regarding the band – they are new, they must be techno, they are to much like Linkin Park they are cheesy. But now that I’ve seen them – HERE is what they actually are, they yes indeed are new, they are a group of skilled musicians, they do have some technoish noises at times, and overall it makes them sound good – it fits their sound, and conveys the message they want to send.  The question I have for myself is why have these things swayed me away from listening to them, because they are so original? ( Why indeed asks graci who has been singing this bands praises since she first saw them at Dirt Fest 2015!?!)

I am now deeply regretting walking right past their stage at Warped Tour 2016, here in Burgettestown PA.

However the only thing I didn’t like, wasn’t their fault. They had some tech issues, and the band looked unamused and almost like they didn’t want to be there, but once the tech issues were figured out they happily rocked the house. They didn’t let this minor inconvenience ruin their night.

I came to the show with a friend who has never heard of the band, and in fact won’t listen to any band post 2000s. Even as a huge Slipknot fan he refused, and then when forced HATED the song “I’m Not Jesus” by  Apocalyptica ft Corey Taylor.

“Their drummer is f***ing amazing” I hear him say midway through the first song
He found himself singing along, and even head banging. Myself, I am finding it hard to type this during the show, would much rather be watching the show. Although I’m not sure what songs were played nor the order of them, everyone around me was bouncing, singing, and having a good time. As was I. Overall they put on a hell of a show, and I see myself coming to see them many times over.

After their set they were at the merch booth meeting fans and genuinely enjoying themselves.  They are a band that truly appreciates their fans and have since Day One! (shameless plug for their debut CD)

– Adam