Covenant – “The Blinding Dark”


I sat on the edge of my bed, pondering whether to go to bed or continue scrolling through the internet, when it occurred to me that I had this album laying in wait to listen too. I started playing the album, and within a minute or so I knew that Covenant had something great, switching over to nice speakers (rather than my iPhone speaker) I started over. Immediately I could tell this album had a spectacular production value, and the longer I listened I started to enjoy it more and more, this album tells a story, although if not listened to start to finish you would just be enjoying a single great song. This is an album full of what could, and should be hit songs, the writing and performance bridge a gap between several genres, making this likely to be hit songs on the radio, at a club, or even your local pub.

Covenant for years have been a globally recognized hit, and have continued to produce good long lasting songs, this is no exception. The production of this song shows Covenant’s song writing and talents in a new light, there is no unwanted overtones in the background, the bass is tight when it needs to be, there is a nice stereo effect over most of the album that allows you to be fully immersed into the sound and feel of it. This album will be in my head for days, and that is not a bad thing by any means, this is an album that I could see myself buying, listening to on a road trip, and years later have it be the nostalgia album that brings me back to the glory days of road trips and good music.

All in all I would give this album a solid 8/10, only because it does sometimes feel drug out, and repetitive, which for the sound of this album is not out of place, or bad by any means.

– Adam Sweet – Journalist at Graci Rocks!    



Covenant To Release Ninth Album “The Blinding Dark”
September 28th 2016 Helsingborg, Sweden-Legendary Electro/EBM artists Covenant announce the release of their ninth studio album The Blinding Dark.

There is no Berlin Wall to defiantly dance on any more.

We live in dark, confusing times and Covenant wrote an album about how that makes them feel. In a world that’s stopped making sense, we need to learn how to see in the dark and The Blinding Dark is a triumphant embrace of the strength and resilience of the soul. It’s the dystopian, unforgiving music of the reflective shadows we all carry within us, but often lack the courage to take a good look at. It’s implosive instead of explosive, fueled by cold fury rather than a roaring fire, as beautiful as a collapsed star.

The Blinding Dark will make you feel the outrage and the sorrow of a band that refuses to smooth things over, put on a brave face and reach for false hopes. It’s staring into the darkness with eyes wide shut. It’s also a new chapter for Covenant. The trio that became a quintet hasn’t sounded this focused and so on target since the legendary album Sequencer 22 years ago. But there is nothing nostalgic about The Blinding Dark. It steers like an unstoppable Nautilus through the black waters, straight towards the future, never looking back.

The Blinding Dark will be released November 4th on Metropolis Records in North America. It will be available in a standard and deluxe edition. The deluxe edition comes with a bonus instrumental EP called Psychonaut, which was recorded at a private, live improvisation jam session.

Covenant. It’s a name that implies extraordinary commitment, a certain grandiosity, and a bond stronger than blood. As a name, Covenant—with its biblical overtones—was perhaps a bit ambitious for an upstart band of teenagers from southern Sweden armed with rudimentary electronics, but it ended up being extraordinarily fitting. Whether or not life subsequently imitated art or art subsequently imitated life is debatable, either way the band’s moniker ended up perfectly summing up the vision, grandeur, and brotherhood that is the band itself.

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