I’m sitting here bouncing in my seat while listening to “Satan Pulls The String!”  It’s a bit different, but it’s a good different!  Makes you want to get out and do something !   I’m a new fan of theirs, so I haven’t listened to their older stuff, but I am definitely going to take a listen to more!

If you are looking for some rock and roll, with no screaming, that makes you feel good and leaves you with a smile?  Well then check out the Avett Brothers!

If you like what you hear, go pre-order their new album, “True Sadness” which is out on June 24th!   Fans who pre-order the album get an instant download of “Satan Pulls The String.”

On the song Seth Avett noted: “Satan Pulls the Strings” started as a quiet and calm depression-era banjo song, and somehow in the studio it blossomed into a genre that I don’t even have a name for…the frenzied yet mechanical energy of it is a first for the band.’