Alesana Release Part 1 of “Comedy of Errors” Music Video/Mini-Movie

What an amazing Video . . . I honestly can’t wait for part 2 . . . I need to know more!

How sad to think of a world without music, without art, without passion . . .

Oh and the song?  The song is amazing too!  Crazy drumming and amazing melodies!


Alesana Candid Bar Promo 2

Alesana Release Part 1 of “Comedy of Errors” Music Video/Mini-Movie


(January 07, 2015 – Raleigh, NC) – The pop-metal group Alesana has just released part one of their ‘Comedy of Errors” music video/mini-movie viaLoudwire. The song comes from the band’s recent release Confessions and part two of the video’s saga will conclude later this winter.

It is with great pleasure that we unveil part 1 of our short film / music video for ‘Comedy of Errors‘,” says vocalist Shawn Milke. “The video was directed by our great friend Justin Reich and as always he did a killer job! The video takes you on a visual journey through the 3rd installment of our Annabel trilogy. With the third part of the story releasing later this winter, this video is an awesome way to get a glimpse into some of the twists and turns that are soon to haunt your mind. ‘Comedy of Errors’, which is one of my favorite Alesana tunes of all time, is featured on our most recent studio album ‘Confessions’ so check it out!

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Alesana Candid Bar Promo 2

About Alesana:
Positive Mental Attitude. This is the mantra that is not only a driving force for Raleigh, North Carolina based Alesana, but also a way of life. Celebrating eleven years as a band, the pop-metal sextet is always in high spirits and accustomed to playing their hearts out every night when on the road. Countless US tours, several trips around the world, and seven major releases later, Alesana is living proof that hard work and dedication to dreams can go a long, long way.