Adelitas Way – “Getaway”

Adelitas Way released their much anticipated CD, “Getaway” yesterday! And let me just tell you , Adelitas Way puts out a CD like they play live – with their whole hearts, rebellious ways and lots of attitude and awesomeness! Do yourself a favor and check them out!

The first song, “Bad Reputation” starts and you’re like this is great! I really like this, and then the chorus catches you and you’re singing along the first time you’ve heard this song and you’re kinda like, “Yeah I love this“.

And then it doesn’t even give you a second to catch your breath before you are moving into “Getaway” and are like, “what?” I love this too! You’re wishing you weren’t listening on your computer, because you’d be moving and dancing! And planning your next trip to the bar or somewhere fun because after listening to the lyrics you realize, you really deserve this! Especially if you have a significant other like the one in this song!

Then you take a little breath and anticipate “The Good Die Young” to perhaps be soft, introspective? Or maybe you think 3 amazing songs in a row – unheard of! – so you’re thinking this might be the one that you don’t really like and then it comes on! And it does start off slow, and it is introspective, but then the lyrics hit you – BAM in the heart. This song is powerful in a very subtle way and will touch many.

So then you prepare yourself for the next song, this is the one you won’t like right? They can’t have all amazing songs on this CD? Um sorry they can!  You just realize that “Getaway” by Adelitas Way is a CD you are going to love and have to listen to over and over again. This my friends will become one of your favorite on your first listen. There was only one song that I didn’t love on this whole CD, and you know what I didn’t hate it! I just didn’t love it as much as the others! I won’t tell you which one, because we are all so different and I don’t want to cloud your judgment. Seriously – don’t ask – I promise not to tell.


In the last month I’ve had the pleasure of catching Adelitas Way in concert at The Machine Shop and interviewing Rick DeJesus!   Be sure to check out the interview and pictures and maybe go to my facebook and give it a like!