Kurt Travis/Paul Travis Split Stream the EP Early!!

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Stream the New Kurt Travis/Paul Travis Split EP Early


(January 28, 2016 – Sacramento, CA) Esque Records, a label owned by A Lot Like Birds vocalist Kurt Travis, recently signed singer/songwriter Paul Travis. Kurt was so inspired by Paul’s music that he decided to write some indie-folk songs of his own for a split EP that you can hear in it’s entirety atAbsolutePunk.net. The record will be released on Feb. 1st, but pre-orders are available here.

When I first heard Paul Travis, I was blown away by his talent to create such an intense feeling through his recordings and was even more impressed to learn that he produced the songs as well,” says Kurt. “His soft, etherial, natural vibrato sounding vocals remind me of a younger Cat Stevens along with lyrics reminiscent of Elliott Smith. I signed Paul and wanted to immediately showcase his beautiful songs, to gain some recognition before his full length release later in 2016. The product of this idea is the split ep that we recorded together! I can’t wait to see what’s next for us in the future.

The EP will be available digitally and on cassette (with a one-time digital download). Pre-orders are available here. Paul Travis’ debut full-length will be out later this spring on Esque Records.

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1. Stay Please – Kurt Travis
2. Grow – Paul Travis
3. Stay Close – Kurt Travis
4. Permanent – Paul Travis

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