GWAR at Mr. Smalls – Pittsburgh, PA!

I say this all as a guy not so much of a fan, but someone who was truly curious about Gwar;  I had heard of them in the past and had never given much thought about them, but recently the opportunity presented itself to allow me to interview them and see them live and I was very intrigued. After watching several interviews of them and doing some google research,  I thought I was prepared for what is GWAR.   Btw the response I got back from Pustulus were nothing shy of fantastic and you should definitely read our interview!  

Mr.Smalls, here in Pittsburgh PA, is small, an old church, a good fit for the band in my opinion. The crowd was a wide variety of people, young and old, dressed up as clowns, or still in work attire. A majority of the people around center stage where wearing white, which I can only imagine is to have as a keepsake, either that or they aren’t aware of what is about to happen.

Mutiod Man opened, along side with Darkest Hours, they both put on great shows for openers, introduced the upcoming bands, and got the crowd into it. Before the first band was over the crowd was pumped and moshing already.

Always a good sign!

Before the band got on I started to question whether the messy stage show was too boost shirt sales, which while that may be a perk after witnessing the band perform, I feel the band is just trying to have a good time and take you away from your day to day grind. At the end of the day that is what the best concerts are, an escape. The venue was prepared for the mayhem about to take place and had tarps set up around the venue to catch all of the madness.

10:07, War Pigs starts over the PA, the sound of the guitar amplifiers roaring. Lights go dark, crowd starts clapping,

10:10 the intro begins and they begin to talk about the earth, more specifically, the US, and they begin to bash both of the presidential nominees. The band takes stage.

10:12 president Obama has been beheaded and they start playing.

It has been said in the past that the band needed the stage act to get the name for themselves. While that may have been part of their rise to stardom in the 90’s they are not bad musicians, truly they are talented, they are actually pretty fantastic! The costumes take up a majority of the stage, and yet the band still seems to get around and get a little crazy.

In my interview I learned that each show is different and you never know who will show up.  So I wasn’t expecting, but I was hoping for a little extra excitement. I was hoping, but little did I expect to see jäger monster tonight, but I’ll be damned if there wasn’t a battle on the already small stage.

It’s now 10:23 and they have beheaded two different people on stage, and managed to get half or more of the crowd wet with their blood. I imagine the pit is getting slippery about now and I’m glad I stayed back a bit to observe.

The lead singer changed his shields enough during the set that it makes wonder if there is a reason for it . . . I will have to ask next time I interview them I think!

At this point I’m really into it, and feel guilty for having to take a bathroom break. This is what I anticipated to be the worst smelling concert I’d been too, and surprisingly aside from the hint of marijuana smoke it wasn’t a bad smelling show.  I type this as they squeeze some liquid out of a dolls rear end.

Even as someone who wasn’t a fan of Gwar before tonight I would recommend seeing them if you are a fan of the metal genres. Their stage show is insane and humorous. I personally found them to be much better live than on album,  there is no way to accurately describe the insane vibe these guys put off. This is a band well worth seeing.

In the past these guys have been extremely vulgar and at times pornographic… Wait here it is, he is commanding us to get naked. So far this is the first time during the set that there has been anything close to pornographic, where in the past they have had many problems with it. Their live set is now more gruesome than pornographic.

The band ended the night by playing ACDC’s Classic, If You Want Blood (actually a pretty good cover of the song).

Gwar, a concert that is a must see!  – Adam