Becki – Fan Interview – Ready to Rock at Louder Than Life 2016!



Louder Than Life 2016 is two days of amazing Rock n’ Roll ! It takes place on October 1st & 2nd at Champions Park, Louisville, Kentucky!

Is this your first time at Louder Than Life ?   No 2014, 2015

If no, can you share a story about your last time there?   Riding a ferris wheel for the first time

What is your favorite thing about Louder Than Life?   Enjoying the music and time with my friends

What do you most look forward to food wise when going to Louisville, Kentucky?     I love mamas bque and mustard

Speaking of food, one of the best things about Louder Than Life is the Gourmet Man Food that is offered!  Have you checked out what will be available and if so what are you going to try? Last year one of the vendors had the most amazing French fries!

Yes,  I would like to try several different things this year

Part of Louder Than Life is also the adult beverages ! Will you be experimenting with the bourbon or the brews, or both ? Anything you are looking forward to trying ?

I normally drink beer,  but I’ll try the Bourbon this year
Do you have a must go to place in Louisville?   

I love all of Louisville,  I love the concerts at the waterfront

Who are you most excited to see at Louder Than Life ?   Disturbed

After checking out the line up, which band that you’ve never seen perform are you most excited to see ?    Slipknot