Not By Sight – Jane Train – January 14, 2016

I recently had the opportunity to do an email interview with Jane from Not By Sight. Her personality really shines through in the interview, don’t you just want to go hang out with her ?!? But now for the hard part, waiting for the cd to come out and for them to go on tour. . . ( I recently posted a News Release with their new song “Stand” that you should definitely check out!)


When doing my research for this interview, the first thing I noticed is that you like to keep busy! In fact, I got a little confused by all that you have done! It seems you have an amazing passion for music and acting! Some artists get a bit stuck in what they are doing, but you are out there changing things up and trying new things. What keeps you going and inspires you to try different things?

I don’t even think I realize how much I do because I’m just very passionate about life! I’m a very spontaneous person, so if I get really interested in something, I’ll pursue it. I did that with Scuba Diving, diving with sharks, taking French lessons…although I can barely say anything in French. One time after a heartbreak, I decided I wanted to go to Paris. So, I went 3 days later, by myself, and had the BEST time ever. That story is an article unto itself. My passion keeps me going and my interest in this world and all the beauty it has to offer inspires me.

Speaking of being busy, it seems like everyone else in the band is also like that and has many projects going, will that stand in the way of you guys going on tour in 2016?

Not as of yet. The one with the biggest band commitment would be guitarist Troy McLawhorn (Evanescence), which is why he can only be a guest guitarist right now. Should Evanescence do a tour he needs to go. And I encourage and bless that. When Amy calls, you move! lol.

When you guys are out on tour, where can one hope to find you guys?

It’s definitely too early to say, but of course we want to go everywhere.

After reading how Not By Sight came to be, it really seems like things were just meant to be. When you were in M80, you mentioned that your motto was “We walk by faith, not by sight” from 2 Corinthians 5:7, with the way things fell together, did that also influence the name of the band ?

I do believe in Divine Connections and Miracles. I grew up witnessing some huge miracles. My mother wrote a book on the miracles she experienced. Unbelievable. So I do believe that me and Corey Lowery were a Divine Connection. Even before that, Clint Lowery was a Divine Connection that brought amazing things to me and lead me to Corey.

From 2007 until 2014, I went through some hellish trials in everything. Personal and business, and I always held tight to my Faith. That scripture in Corinthians helped me whenever my Faith was low. We can’t always see all that is going on behind the scenes, so we have to Believe for our breakthrough in whatever it is that we’re going through. Walk by Faith. The latter half of that scripture, and my attachment to it, spoke to me and felt right for the band’s name, “Not by Sight.”

When we can expect to the cd to be out, and does it have a title yet ?

It’s a hilarious thought to make our first CD titled, “The Best Of.”Maybe throw everyone off and call it, “Satan’s Lullibies.” lol. But in all seriousness, it’s just too soon to tell, but of course we’re excited to get all of this going!

As the wife of a Marine, I love that you play for the troops! It sounds like groups of you go down and play together, just rocking out! Is that how it works, or am I misunderstanding?

I’m always the nucleus of these tours for the Military. The music/show is worked out beforehand. I took my former band to Greenland, Guantanamo Bay, Kosovo, Germany, and Belgium. I took Corey and Troy, along with Virus and Garrett Whitlock (Tremonti) to Greenland, Honduras, and Guantanamo Bay in 2014. Then me and Virus went with our buddies Johnny Dee (Britny Fox/Doro), Nick Douglas (Doro), and Mike Orlando (Adrenaline Mob) to Honduras and Guantanamo Bay to ring in the New Year. As you can imagine, Guantanamo had some stellar fireworks!

Do you have a personal reason for supporting the troops? ( I don’t mean this as a rude question, people in general seem to support causes that are close to their heart and so I’m curious to know why this is something you chose to support.)

I don’t have any close Military family other than my Father who played in the Army Band. In 2015 I discovered I have a cousin in the Navy, but when I first did a Military band trip to Greenland, I just thought it was a cool thing to do, not realizing all that I would learn, and how honored we were to have the opportunity to give back. In Greenland, we toured the satellite tracking domes. They are literally watching the world. It’s amazing.

Each base I’ve played has shown us what they do as far as overall operations. We’ve met the Base Commanders. Got to try our hand at shooting training M-16s in the training facility in Kosovo. (I found out that I am NOT the girl that will help while armed. I shot up all the dirt. I somehow discovered farming with weapons…lol)

After the first time in Greenland then Guantanamo, playing for the Troops is VERY personal to me. Now that I really understand how our men and women in service give their lives, I would tour all year ’round for them. I love elevating their spirits and seeing them rock out. They go nuts! I’ve done some stage diving and crowd surfing in Guantanamo. They only get occasional entertainment so they really appreciate artists who give their time. It’s nothing compared to what they do.

When performing as teenager, you opened for some amazing bands, do you have a favorite memory or two from that time or a pinch me moment?

I think I was too young to think like a fan. There wasn’t the social networking like now, so if I saw someone famous, I just thought that they weren’t necessarily better than me. They got discovered. That has stuck with me through my life. I’ve had a few fan moments here and there.

When Sheryl Crow gave me a squeeze on my shoulder and said, “good job” after a show, that was one. Vince Neil and I sang some Journey together once, that was cool. What was really cool was Vince inviting me to roll up on his bus with him and his friends to my first Motley Crue show ever. That was great fun. I have a million stories that were cool, but I never lost my mind. Now put me in a recording studio with Dave Grohl and I’ll be glowing.

I’m curious as to whether you have a favorite song that either pumps you up, or helps you get through a bad time?

Not any particular song, but when I hear Sevendust, I feel charged. The song I listened to most last year was “Cirice” from the band Ghost. Sometimes 20 times in a day.
As far as getting through a bad time, I can be too sad to write at times. Like if someone has just passed away. But then after the grief starts to lift, I write to get through it. My whole solo CD, “Diary” is the result of grieving losses. Like I said, 2007 – 2014 were not fun.

What was the last concert you went to that you weren’t performing at?

The Louder Than Life festival in Kentucky. I got to see Sevendust, Myles Kennedy & Slash, We Are Harlot, Skid Row with Tony Harnell, Breaking Benjamin, and Bring Me The Horizon who I love!

What was weird was that I kept getting people stopping me and saying, “Great show!” I finally asked someone, “who do you think I am?” They thought I was Heidi from the Butcher Babies. Now she is beautiful, and I am flattered, but other than bright red hair, we look nothing alike. I look forward to meeting her.

Oh, I’m mistaken . Last concert was Gary Hoey in December.

What is something that your fans wouldn’t guess about you?

That I’m a Christian that surrounds herself with probably as many gays and drag queens as Lady Gaga and drinks wine. That Gregg Allman was my daily friendly text and caller during a hard time in 2011-2012.

I find beauty and friendship all over the place.

Thanks Jane for the amazing interview!  Be sure to check out the Video for “Stand” and find and follow Not By Sight on social media for updates!