Wildways – “Into The Wild”

You might remember my interview with Toli from Wildways a few weeks ago. Well I’m back with more on them!

Wildways is set to release their CD, “Into The Wild” on March 25, 2016, and it’s one that you will not regret getting. Wildways are from Western Russia and have already had their fair share of success under the name, “Sarah Where Is My Tea, changing their name sometime in 2014. Honestly, the name “Wildways” truly seems to fit these guys!

I tend to enjoy my Metal with a touch of a melody, and Wildways truly does it well. They truly defy genres, it is a unique blend of pretty much anything metal. This CD should appeal to a wide variety of music fans. Each song has a significant blend of melodies and screamo, blended perfectly together.

If you don’t enjoy their song, “Faka, Faka, Yeah” please don’t write them off, because they are so very much more than that song! “Into The Wild” is a virtual showcase of their music and style, which truly is not easily definable.

It’s hard to pick a favorite song from this CD, so instead I’ll share some of my favorite songs ! “Princess” truly highlights the range of Toli’s voice and is just a beautiful song. “Not Alone’s” lyrics truly touched me, I love songs that reach out to those who are feeling lost and alone. Because if you are a fan of music you know that music truly saves lives and I think this is a song that will do that! “Faka, Faka, Yeah” is just such a fun song that makes you want to get up and Mosh a bit!

So what are you waiting for ? Go pre-order “Into The Wild!” at the very least, go give Wildways a look and listen !

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