Last Bullet – Bryan Fontez – March 6, 2016.

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Seriously, have you heard of Last Bullet?  I posted encouraging you guys to go take a listen to their video for “Sin” and I hope you all took a listen, cause it’s just pure Rock and Roll!   I can’t wait for them to make their way back to the States!   I had the pleasure of interviewing Bryan Fontez, the lead singer of the band and to be honest, I came away more a fan!      Be sure to check out their facebook page – they are very active there!   You could also toss graci rocks a like too!

On the set filming for “Sin” you found something showing that Jim Morrison had been there. Did you get the chills a bit when you found it? Did you know to look for it, or just stumble upon it?

We were told about it during our first visit when the director and I were scouting out the set. On the day of the shoot we had one of the hotel managers hang out with us to supervise the shoot and just make sure that everything was safe and that we didn’t damage anything. We asked her about it and luckily she was nice enough to escort us out onto the roof and show us.

At first a lot of us were skeptical but when she told us that The Doors had definitely been in town playing a show at that time and that she’d personally seen the records of them checking in we were pretty convinced. It was pretty surreal to see a part of history that not many people will ever get to see in person, so we felt very fortunate and used it as fuel and inspiration for the rest of the day on set.

Will “Sin” be part of a soon to be released CD? If so, when can we expect to hear it?

We recorded 3 new songs last fall that were originally intended to be a short EP. But we truly believe in each track and decided to push all three as singles one at a time. We have the artwork and everything for the EP finished, we just have to release the other two this year and then decide what we’d like to do next. We may release it as intended or we might just record a bunch more songs and release an album. We’ll have to see.

The music industry has changed soo much that it’s difficult to predict what will work best. Right now we’re at a stage where the fans we DO have are the most intense, loyal and supportive, but we need more of them to grow and until we make a name for ourselves there isn’t much of a reason to release a full album or a ton of tracks. So until we see some traction on radio or some sort of overwhelming demand on social media, we’ll probably stick to throwing out really strong singles and videos every few months.

What was the inspiration for the name of the band, “Last Bullet?

The name was decided upon early when 3 of the original members had began throwing around some words and ideas with a few friends. They decided on Last Bullet because they liked the way that it insinuated that you only had one shot. And so the name took on a very literal meaning for us because we truly began playing every show as if it was our last.
It’s basically our version of the latin phrase Carpe Diem which means “Seize the day”. Do all that you can today because the future is uncertain.

Do I hear a Led Zeppelin influence in “Runnin’ out of Time?” If so, what is one of your favorite Zeppelin tunes, and who turned you on to them?

You can 100% hear Zeppelin influence in Runnin’ out of Time lol. Our lead guitarist Brenden Armstrong is one of the biggest Zeppelin fans I know. He’s obsessed and uses them as a huge inspiration and motivation for playing guitar and making music. The riff is definitely very Zeppelin-y.

We all knew and loved Zeppelin somewhat but it was Brenden who really got most of us into them more than ever. I believe his favorite song is Achilles Last Stand or one of them at least. Mine would be probably The Ocean.

If we could take a peek at your play list, what would the last 3 songs you listened to be? And on that play list, which song do you think we’d be most surprised is on it?

I’ve been obsessed with Stone Temple Pilots lately, they’re one of my favorite bands, so if you looked now it would be all STP, but if we were to check the last three songs by different artists it would be VERY eclectic. As far as being surprised, that’s entirely up to you…

Stone Temple Pilots – Heaven & Hot Rods (Hard Rock)
Chris Stapleton – Whiskey and You (Country Ballad)
Ghost – Mummy Dust (Satanic Metal)

What is your most meaningful tattoo and will you please share the meaning?

I have a couple that mean a lot to me but this one is probably the most important and meaningful to me. It took me 25 years or so to fully realize what the key to life and success is. It also just happened to be my absolute biggest strength and my biggest weakness.

Passion is what drives us to learn, work hard, perform, succeed, live, laugh and love. It’s the secret to everything. If you don’t have it, you have nothing and in order to be good at anything whether that’s sports, parenting, your job, music, art, cooking, you need to have passion. Life without passion is just existence. I had it tattooed as large as possible on my inner forearm so that I never forget or doubt what I’m doing or why I’m doing it. It’s a constant reminder that’s in my face to push forward, work hard and love what you do.

I’m also a massive fan of the band Queens of the Stone Age and I loved their new album and logo. I wanted to incorporate music into it so I threw their logo in to make it look a little more interesting.

When you guys are on tour is there a food that you eat, that you don’t typically eat when you are home?

On our last tour it was beef jerky, we’d never eat it at home but on the road we stocked up on it every chance we could get and had it in the van at all times. We specifically liked Cholula, hickory and peppered.

Aside from that the one thing we do have on the road now that we’d never eat nearly as much of at home is Tim Hortons which has always been huge here in Canada. It’s the easiest to grab and go, we know the menu, they’re everywhere along the highway and in every city, it’s cheap, quick and easy. We live off of bagels, sandwiches, tea donuts, cookies and coffee on the road. It ain’t the healthiest but it keeps us going.

What is something about you that your fans wouldn’t expect?

I’m not sure if you mean me individually or the band so I’ll answer both.

With me there’s a lot of things, I trained in Opera vocal for 3-4 years and also sang a lot of Jazz and Opera at weddings. I conducted an all black choir in high school. I play the Trombone as well as the drums and piano. I’m obsessed with combat sports more specifically Mixed Martial Arts. I’ve trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai for the last 6-7 years and I used to write articles about the sport professionally for a site called I don’t eat animals. I’m a massive nerd when it comes to films, space, comics, superhero’s, sci-fi, history, fantasy, etc. There’s a ton more but that’s me in a nutshell.

As far as the rest of the band goes, our lead guitarist Brenden was very close to being a pro skateboarder when he was 16 or so. He was extremely talented and was getting calls for endorsements and appearances from companies all over the world, until he picked up a guitar and shifted his passion to music.

I know you didn’t ask – but if I could have a dream tour, it would be you and Glorious Sons on the road together. I would honestly drive to Toronto for that! Ok honestly, no offense to Toronto, but I would hope you would go to London, because for some reason I just love that town. Any hopes of you two bands teaming up?

lol we don’t blame you London is a lovely place as well, but if we’re gonna be honest. Toronto has one of the best music scenes and some of the most awesome, filthy, historical, rock n’ roll venues in Canada. If you ever make the trip I’ll take you out bar hopping and we’ll do drinks over live music.

As far as teaming up, ya definitely, we would for sure. I’m a fan of them, I’ve heard nothing but good things, the guy has a killer voice, their songs are catchy and they’re killer musicians. We’re definitely fans of them and inspired by their recent success on radio. We don’t know them personally but I’m very confident that at some point our paths will cross and we’ll end up sharing a stage. Hopefully it’s sooner rather than later but when it happens I’ll definitely be looking forward to it.

Any hope for an American tour in 2016?

There’s definitely a lot of hope lol. We’ve been hoping to tour the US for the last 4-5 years. The issue is that it just hasn’t made sense for us in the past. We’ve spent soo much time building up a fan base here in Toronto that we figured it was smarter to build outwards into the neighbouring cities and create a real following within a 50-100 mile radius of Toronto.

But we recently released “Sin” to US radio for the very first time and so far it’s doing well, we’ll have to see how well it does. We definitely want to play in US, we’re confident our music would get a great response there, we play a very American style of Rock, which to be honest I doubt you’d hear from any other band in Canada. The US is on the top of our list as far as being a perfect market for us and making that trek by the end of 2016 is definitely something we’ve all agreed on as a goal. If Sin catches on the radio and begins charting, I can guarantee you that we’d be there ASAP.

Let’s hope that happens. And when it does, we look forward to meeting you in person!

Thanks for taking the time for this interview! I’m hoping you come to Michigan and I get a chance to see you guys live!

If we do cross the border, you can bet your ass that Michigan will be one of the first spots we hit. Thanks for the time!