Reel Big Fish at Stage AE, Pittsburgh, PA

The fist time I saw Reel Big Fish was at Warped Tour, I was walking past their stage and their music just enticed me to stay and watch. The first thing that made me stop was the horn instruments, the sight of them really brought me back to the pop punk/ska days of my youth.  Here I am getting to see them again, but this time at a much smaller venue -Stage AE.   I am excited to see them and the openers tonight who are Direct Hit, Ballyhoo, and Anti Flag.
Going into this I had heard some bad things about their live shows at this venue.   But I was pleasantly surprised and I can tell you that was not my experience, Reel Big Fish put on a great live show!
If I had one word to describe their show, it would be FUN. This band is very energetic and the crowd just feeds off of it, it’s a great feeling when everyone in the crowd has their full attention on the band. The Reel Big Fish kept it upbeat and they interacted by joking around with their band-mates, as well as the crowd.   Any time a band can make the crowd feel like they are part of the performance makes it a bit more amazing!    – Adam S.