Mondo Cozmo New Track “Shine”

Mondo Cozmo

New Track


It’s Out and It Fucking Rules.

Listen To It.


Or…. Just watch it?


(this also fucking rules)

Mondo Cozmo?

Basically Dylan fronting Oasis with Beck making the beats, Mondo Cozmo has the attitude 90’s Manchester bands of the 90s… Working class, honest, inspirational, cautiously hopeful, and socially observational. It is a bold statement demanding attention. Coachella headliner the crowd is singing with while the sun is going down. A scene-changing alternative band that has the ability to cross over to many formats.

Previous song “Hold On To Me” featuring “Hold On To Me” featuring Anna Faris out now.

(Watch the video with tissues).

This week…

  1. “Plastic Soul” had a sample we couldn’t clear / release, so Mondo posted a clip of it with a video on instagram saying if you “email his lawyer you’ll get the song for free.” The track was “written for David Bowie and it’s about time travel.”
  1. A few days later… “The amount of Plastic Soul download notifications yesterday killed my battery by 10:30am. My lawyer isn’t talking to me.” – Mondo Cozmo
  1. Recently Mondo made a dope Spotify playlist “Mixtape Mondays” (the label made him make) and posted: “This is a killer playlist curated by yours truly…I have no idea how to tell you to find this however…and as soon as I post this someone is gonna call and yell at me…. #sorrydan” (Dan is the product manager at the label.)

First Ever Show: (Gonna be Epic. Or really really bad).

October 14th       Popscene            San Francisco