Eli Saint


Photo Credit: : Keysie Raffucci

On my right arm, I have a tattoo of the word “LIFE.” I got it at Diversity Tattoo, in Las Vegas when I when there on a trip with my family. My mom was with me when I got it. It’s a reminder of how precious life is, and it helps me get through my issues with anxiety and depression.

 The tattoo on my chest is to celebrate my Italian heritage. I got that from a friend who is an artist. The half arm sleeve, also on my right arm, I got at Ascension Tattoo, in Orlando. I went alone at the time. It’s a city made of musical instruments. Basically meaning that my world is music.



Eli Saint is the drummer for Devils Envy!  Devils Envy is Inked! band of the week – be sure to check out his other bandmates tattoos!    – graci