FLIPTOP BOX – “Catch 22”

When the album kicks in you are welcomed with a hard, steady beat, a rhythm that you can’t help but head bang too, from the start of this album its easy to see this is a band serious on creating great music, with clear intentions on rocking. From the face melting solos, to the classic yet original riffs, this album does not disappoint. It is well produced, but not too over produced to remove the emotion and human aspect to the music that a good bit of new music seems to lack.

The musicianship shown on this album is intense, it is easy to hear that the band knows their instruments well, this is an album that I could see inspiring generations of metal heads to pick up an instrument. Just the song Desert alone shows some intense drumming and guitar, enough that it made me want to pick up a guitar and play along.

This album is a solid 9/10, all eight of the tracks on this album had their highlights and will be finding their way onto my playlist. The only downfall to this album I am finding is that it is fairly consistent with the same sound(with exception of Staring Eyes which has a very ambient opening, and Unbeliever which has a more unique sound when compared to the rest of the album), while tempos and notes change, it all feels very familiar, and in a live setting I think it would be very easy for the crowd to get lost and not know which song is which if the mix was off even a hair.


— Adam