Spaceman Stuu Releases New Single

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Spaceman Stuu Releases New Single

“Mad Black Man Misunderstood” Released in Celebration of Black History Month


February 21st, 2016Greenville, NC – North Carolina’s Spaceman Stuu, signed to Imminence RecordsCNMTC imprint, has dropped the first track since the release of last year’s debut EP Closed Caption. “Mad Black Man Misunderstood” is released in celebration of Black History Month and shows whyCNMTC owner Kinnecom signed him as his first artist last year.

The single is a vivid description of the self-oppression of young black males and where I first discovered this. I want the second verse to touch people who live or have lived in those rural areas and can understand where I’m coming from. The single is meant to be a statement that I hope wakes people up, or inspires them to let go of that self-oppressive mind state.” – Spaceman Stuu


About Spaceman Stuu:

Spaceman Stuu comes from a long musical background. Stuu first began his journey as a lyricist writing poetry. His poetry was often dark and honest and a reflection of hard times he was facing at a young age. Stuu created a local fan base that would stay updated with everything he was releasing. While the norm is to “fake it ’till you make it,” Stuu instead decided to present himself as who he really was and be honest about who and where he is. He wants his lyrics to mean more and paint a clear picture of who he is as an artist.

Recently Stuu began working beside recording artist Kinnecom (Imminence Records) who fell in love with Stuu’s poetry and honest sound. This relationship sparked a partnership to begin working on Spaceman Stuu’s debut EP, recreating previously recorded singles, and beginning on a new chapter of Stuu’s career and songwriting. Since then he has released three free tracks that have established a rapidly growing audience.

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