Mansell – “Mantra”


I put this album on, on my way to the local grocery store, It starts with a soft sound of the streets, and then eases its way into a catchy song that I found my self dancing too, and butchering the lyrics as I tried to guess where it would go. There’s a brief interlude type song, and then the album takes a fast turn and jumps into an upbeat song, that I found myself rocking out too, it has a very vintage sound with a modern touch. At this point I’d consider myself a fan of the band, for what I thought of them to be, which at this point was still “just” an upbeat indie rock band, when “Character Portrait” comes on I was taken back, and had to listen to it over several times to really catch all the little nuances and appreciate it for what a masterpiece it really was, the only part of the tune I didn’t like was that it was over so soon, it left me wanting more, and more. The band backs it up with another upbeat happy sounding song, and wraps the album up with another surefire hit song.

Once I got my groceries and got back into the car I put the album back on and was wanting more and more, these are songs that will define a generation, share emotions, and more than likely be songs that will stay in our playlists for a long long time to come. For a Debut album this is amazing, the professional sound and over all vibe of the album makes me think the band has been around for years, and has released several albums before. I could see myself buying their album and seeing them live if the opportunity arises. Over all 9.5/10, only because when listened to in stereo the beginning of the last song was making me dizzy with the bouncing side to side.

– Adam Sweet – Journalist at Graci Rocks!    



Mansell Announce Debut LP Mantra, out 11/11/16


The Atlanta-based three piece, Mansell has announced that their debut LP Mantrawill be released on November 11th. Today, band is streaming the first single “A Love Immodest” via Soundcloud. Tonally, the track’s drums and sounds are inspired by early 70’s recordings and were tracked mostly live by the young band. The ethereal, bass driven indie-rock song is about the journey of choices people make within and outside of a relationship, both in a physical and cerebral sense.

Holden Fincher, the 19 year old lead singer/lead guitarist says, “The song reflects on how the monotonous day-to-day of being devoted to one person can produce a lack of interest and a lack of chase in a relationship, ultimately causing the flame to die. It then addresses the choices one goes through to regain that love, or at least the comfort one has within a relationship of dependability, as a single person.” Fincher goes on to say, “‘A Love Immodest’ can be looked at as a post-breakup story; it can also be looked at as romanticizing both sides of single life and true love between two people. Or, even as simply the thrill we all seek of the adolescent parts of a relationship.

Mantra was produced and engineered by Jason Hoard, Ryan Wilson, and Mansell themselves. It will be available at all digital retail outlets on Friday, November 11th and is available for pre-order now on iTunes, which includes an instant download of “A Love Immodest” and the track “Ghost.”