Vamps – Hyde & K. A. Z. – October 6, 2016.

VAMPS, the visually arresting rock band featuring HYDE (L’Arc-en-Ciel) and K.A.Z (Oblivion Dust), are one of the most popular bands in Japanese music.

Sit back and listen to “Inside Of Me” by VAMPS featuring Chris Motionless and read my interview with them !   – graci 

When explaining your music to someone who hasn’t heard it, how do you describe your music?  

H:Real Vampire Rock
K:Far Eastern Vampire Rock

What originally got you into music ?  If there is a story, please share! 

H:When I woke up from a long sleep, the world was all about ROCK music. It was just a matter of time for us to take over the ROCK world. lol
K:Well, when I was a kid, there was a huge influx of international music in general, not just ROCK music. I naturally grew up listening to all of that music.

Do you happen to recall the first time you performed, and can you please tell us about it ? 

H:The first time…I don’t remember much to be honest. Only thing I remember is the audience watching us. They were almost attacking us…lol
K:Me either…I don’t remember the first time because actually, I had a broken bone and was unable to bear any weight on my injured leg. I guess I was kind of mindless on stage.

Do you have a song that means the most to you?  And if so, can you please share the story of that song ? 

H&K:”Inside Of Me” – This was our very first time to collaborate with a real producer and we think it shows a different side of our music because of it. In the song, the lyrics say “monsters inside of me”. This is something every human being experiences at some point so it is very real.

Do you have a song that is your favorite to perform?  And if so, why? 

H:“SEX BLOOD ROCK N’ ROLL”— Everyone in the audience sings along so they make it easy for us. lol
K:“EVIL”— The song is very aggressive and edgy. I like the madness of it.

What does your guys’ writing process look like ?  Any funny stories from your last recording session?

H:I pray to the God of Apple. I keep praying to him until I actually get something from him. lol
K:I start off with guitar riff or the drums pattern first. As soon as I get cool stuff on those, I usually get pumped up and more ideas start to come to me.

Do you try and stay true to your genre?   If so, why?  If not, what does mixing it up look like ?

K:To me, genre doesn’t really matter. We get inspired by many different types of music and learn about new stuff all the time. And, I put pieces of great ideas together and structure songs.

Who would your dream collaboration be with ? 

H:Duet with Cleopatra
K:Celldweller / Blue Stahli – remix projects might be interesting.

What is your favorite food to eat while on tour ? 

H:Female Blood

What is something that your fans would be surprised to learn about you? 

H:I eat more than you think? lol
K:Why don’t you all come to the shows and find out? lol

So do it!  Check out VAMPS on their North American Tour 2016! 

With Special Guest CITIZEN ZERO

Sunday, 11/6               San Francisco, CA

Monday, 11/7              Los Angeles, CA            

Thursday, 11/10           Mexico City, Mexico    T

Sunday, 11/13                         New York, NY               I

Monday, 11/14                       Toronto, ON

Tuesday, 11/15                        Chicago, IL