New Years Day at Mr. Smalls, Pittsburgh, PA!

New Years Day is a female fronted band, often compared to the likes of In This Moment, and Halestorm. But is that fair – just because they are all women fronted? Hearing people talk about this band, it always comes up that they are female fronted, and for that style they are good. It’s almost like a female vocalist is part of a niche genre, even if they aren’t in the same genre. Let’s get something straight, they are a great band as are the others and shouldn’t be classified because they are female!

Everyone around me in the crowd is super excited to see them, and some of the people have never heard of them. I myself have been a fan for a few years, ever since I first heard their Epidemic EP.

This band is bad ass, I don’t think they have a song that I dislike.

They have a solid sound, that over the last ten years has changed, but has still been them. For that I respect them, they are a band that as soon as it starts you know exactly who it is.

The band has a wide dynamic approach and style that creates a great fusion of noises.

Tonight they are opening for The Retrograde tour, tonight’s bands are New Year’s Day, Too Close To Touch, Light Up The Sky, Blessthefall, and Crown The Empire at Mr.Smalls in Millvalle, Pa, just outside of downtown Pittsburgh.

Mr.Smalls is a small repurposed church, making the venue a great fit for any heavy style music.

Holy hell they started strong! Kill Or Be Killed, was their first song of the night. Followed it up with Otherside.

At this point nearly all of the crowd is head-banging.

The band so far has great stage energy and they are keeping it flowing, not leaving one side unattended to like many shows often do.

I lost train of thought, either way this pit is awesome, so glad I jumped in, even have a rad scar to show off from it. The energy and general vibe of the show are fantastic. Malevolence, and I’m About To Break You follow up, keeping the crowd pumped.

Crowd surfers galore, everywhere, I’m sure security has their hands full!

Next song played is Angel Eye.

This had been a hell of a rock show so far and I have no doubt the rest of the show will be better (if that’s even possible). And if not, what I have heard so far is enough to say this is a must see concert!

I came to the show with my cousin, who has never heard of the band. Is now amazed and ready to get in line to meet them, and they aren’t even off stage yet!

The band finished up by playing Defame Me, yet another great song.

New Year’s Day was so good in fact that after we waited in line, and met Ash (their front woman) we left the show entirely. I had already seen the main acts and after the performance we just got I don’t think either of them could have topped it. (Although I am a big fan of both Blessthefall, and Crown The Empire)

– Adam