CyberStar – Dusty Winterrowd – February 2, 2016

CyberStarPromoPicThanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions! I’m excited to get to know a bit more about CyberStar. Some of the basics I found online, so I won’t repeat the questions!  Such as CyberStar name came to be because so much of the music is being created online and that Billy Grey and Jasen Moreno met while on tour and hit if off.   What I haven’t found is how you got added!   Care to share ? 

Billy & I met back during one of his earlier bands “Dangerous New Machine.” I was gonna play with them but things kinda splintered and the two of us kept in touch. Before long, Billy started sending me ideas on Guitar so I could write drum ideas. It took off from there!

So hows the progress with the EP going, you definitely have fans wanting it now! Is April 2016 when we will get to hear it ? 

We are for sure shooting for around April this year to drop it, maybe a little sooner or later. It is going really well! We have 4 or 5 solid tracks and 3 more in the works that we are feeling good about!

You posted pictures of the 3rd track being in the making at Outlaw Sound Studio, I’m curious what made you chose to use Outlaw Sound Studio ?  

We have all been recording in studios in the areas we are each based out of. Outlaw Sound Studio has been getting some great tones and been helping to capture the sick sound that Billy loves!

You’ve hinted that we will see CyberStar on tour in 2016, can you share a bit more ?   Will we see you at any festivals, maybe an unveiling at ROTR?  

We are definitely looking to get on some nice Festivals this year… Hit the road with some bands and stir things up!!

You all 3 are part of some pretty amazing bands, how hard will it be to balance two bands ?  

It requires good communication & from there it has been working out pretty smooth so far.

I read that you are doing this project independently, did you chose that so you can have more say or is it just working out that way ? 

It’s just where we are at this point. We have been staying focused on writing the songs but we are starting to wrap up some of that phase. We plan to start putting things into motion on different aspects.

When you guys go on tour will it stay the three of you? 

Yes it will stay the 3 of us & a bass player will be added to the line up!

And now for some random questions that help your fans get to know you a bit better!  

Do you have an all time favorite song that either pumps you up, or gets you through a bad time ?   

I love so many bands out there it is hard to have a fall back song. I think it’s more like fall back albums for me and that would depend on what mood I’m in or what I am doing. But music has definitely been a force that has helped me move through life. 

What was the last concert you went to that you weren’t performing at?   

I went out to see Jasen play in Drowning Pool a couple weeks ago while I was out in Cali for NAMM and Band Business 

When you are tour, what is a food that you eat that you don’t when you are at home ?  

I am a foodie so when there is time I like to hit the well known food places in each area. I’ll normally order the entree they are famous for.

What do you look most forward to while on tour ?  

The shows 100% It is awesome to get out and do what you are passionate about and connect with people that are getting what your doing. No better feeling! Connecting with people through your music.

I wish you guys so much success and can’t wait to hear more!

Thanks, look forward to making CyberStar a more personal experience this year!!!

– Dusty Winterrowd 

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