Levitika Releases “Zombie Barbie” Music Video

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Levitika Releases “Zombie Barbie” Music Video

March 2, 2016Levitika has released a music video for her track “Zombie Barbie“. The track which is available for purchase now on iTunes was produced by Jeff Blue (Linkin Park, Korn, Limp Bizkit), and the video was directed byNima Nabili Rad (Justice Crew, Martin Garrix, Dami Im). The song will be going to U.S. radio in April, and Levitika will be doing a U.S. tour this spring.

Watch Levitika’s “Zombie Barbie” music video below:


“Zombie” is used to signify the suppression of our inner self and true self due too societal pressures. Thus, resulting in a death of certain outward expression or actions, restricting us from truly expressing or being ourselves. This in turn leaves us as the, walking, talking dead, hence a Zombie.

“Barbie” is used to signify the plastic (lacking in cognitive substance) superficial as well as materialist ideology and mentality constantly placed upon us in society. As the song says, “Conceived a product of your fantasy” and “my plastic heart and eyes this superficial life”, the message is expressing that we are born into this world to only be bombarded by societal influences, in turn affecting our development and self identity. The mention of a “Plastic Heart” in particular suggests that society has gotten the better of some people. These individuals have grown into this creature “Zombie Barbie” with a heart dead to themselves, converted to plastic conforming to societal ideals. Placing utmost importance on the martial e.g. money, aesthetics, power, etc.

Zombie Barbie was written and producer in the US with multi-platinum music producer Jeff Blue and Steve Dresser. The concept was based on the matters discussed above combined with Levitika’s artist image (tall/blonde, hence barbie) and a love for the dark and theatrical (hence Zombie).

The core message of the song is be who you are, be real and don’t let society override your identity. It’s saying that people should be free to be who they are and express themselves in the way that they want to express themselves and that is very important.Levitika

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About Levitika:

Levitika is an Australian melodic rock singer/songwriter from Adelaide, South Australia, currently working with renowned multi-platinum US music producer Jeff Blue, who has produced hits for artists such as Linkin Park, Korn, Limp Bizkitand other greats!

Levitika also works with well respected Aussie producers at The Song Store,Adrian and Barb Hannan who have produced/mixed hits for artists such asVanessa Amorosi, Delta Goodrem, Taxiride and many more!

Levitika started playing her first instrument (clarinet) at age ten after she was accepted into a special music scholarship at St Machers Academy, UK.

At age thirteen Levitika started writing both lyrics and music (predominately on piano) inspired by her first heartbreak. This resulted in Levitika pursuing singer/song writing for therapeutic reasons. However it was not Levitika’s intention to pursue music professionally until a random encounter with producers, Barb and Adrian Hannan.

Levitika and producers Barb and Adrian Hannan from The SongStore first met while both holidaying in Halls Gap, Victoria, Australia. Their random encounter occurred when both taking the same walking trail in the Halls Gap holiday park. As they crossed paths Barb looked at Levitika and said, “oh you look like a client of mine, I thought you were her”. Levitika, possessing a bubbly/talkative personality replied with “oh and what do you do?” Barb said “My husband and I are producers” and Levitika said, “that is funny, I am a musician”.

Barb, being intrigued by Levitika’s image and disposition handed Levitika a business card and asked if she would send a demo of her music to them at The SongStore. Once returning home Levitika emailed the producers a demo recorded on amateur music recording software “Audacity”. However this combined with their meeting in Halls Gap was enough the gain the interest of The SongStore producers resulting in Levitika’s first steps into the music industry.

In early 2015 Levitika’s YouTube video “Spider (Acoustic Version)” caught the attention of US producer Jeff Blue, saying to Levitika “I love your voice”. As a result Levitika and Jeff Blue co-wrote/produced four songs together in Los Angeles, United States. Zombie Barbie and Black Rain both recorded/ produced at Dreza Productions with Jeff Blue and Steve Dresser (Songwriter, Producer, Mixer at BMG/Busbee), followed by the recording of Shadow Boxing and Piece of Me recorded/ produced with Jeff Blue and Mike Gonsolin at Trend Def Studios.

It was not long after Levitika’s return to Australia that her pursuit for band members began and Levitika formed her band of experienced Aussie musicians/performers, Max Hurrell (rhythm guitar), Greg Oroth (lead guitar), Jona Matthews (bass), Cameron Kirk (drums).

Soon afterwards the “Zombie Barbi”e Music Video (Levitika’s first music video) was created. “Zombie Barbie” received over half a million views within the first five weeks of release, believed by some to be a result of its vivid visuals and unique sound.

Nima Nabili Rad an award winning director, who has directed music videos for artists including Justice Crew, Martin Garrix, Dami Im and others, directed Levitika’s Zombie Barbie.
Zombie Barbie was produced by Cirian Jordan an award winning feature film, TV show and music video producer, known for his work on music video clips for International artists such as Daft Punk, Martin Garrix, James Blake, Tonight Alive/Amazing Spiderman 2, and Australia’s artists such as Justice Crew, Dami Im, Samatha Jade, Delta Goodrem and Nathaniel.
Cirian Jordan has also worked on major motion pictures films including: Australia, Wolverine 1 & 2, The Great Gatsby, MadMax Fury Road, Mao’s Last Dancer, Uninhabited and X.

Levitika and band worked with director Nima Nabili Rad and Jeff Blue to create the concept and imagery for the Zombie Barbie music video. Levitika thought body art was a beautiful and captivating way of visually expressing the lyrical content of Zombie Barbie. As seen in the certain scenes of the music video Levitika is painted from head to toe in Day of The Dead themed UV fluorescent body paint, representing the Zombie metaphor in Zombie Barbie. The life sized Barbie box was first thought of by Rhythm guitarist Andy Sellers and then expanded upon by Levitika in adding the coffin shape to the box, again representing the Zombie metaphor. Nima first suggested the idea of creating a light and dark realm aiming to visually suggest an internal feud between different aspects of ones self. All the costumes were designed by Levitika and brought to life via sewing machine by her mother Barbara (former professional pattern maker).

Zombie Barbie attracted the attention of Brett Williamson from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), an interview was conducted by Brett with Levitika and aired on ABC radio as well as published on the ABC website. In tern, this caught the attention of Australia’s popular TV station Channel 7. “Today Tonight” Channel 7’s current affairs television program, requested an interview with Levitika. Paul Makin a Channel 7 veteran journalist carried out the interview with Levitika, aired on Australian TV mid 2015. Levitika has also been a featured artist in Gothic and Amazing Lifestyle Magazine.

Zombie Barbie is also set to gain huge exposure in the USA after being selected by White Knight Music Group (BMI) and Pulse Records USA’s “Mainstream Music Video Opportunity”. Zombie Barbie is set to go into rotation at over 8,500 retail and Broadcast outlets across the USA.

Vydia has also selected Zombie Barbie for their fitness retail programming. From the 1st of September 2015 Zombie Barbie will be aired at over 2000 gyms across the US from NYSC, Gold’s Gym, Bally’s Fitness, Powerhouse Gyms, LA Fitness, and many more.
Considering this Levitika already has a national and international following due to YouTube and radio play. Levitika has music on current regular rotation on radio stations such as Women of Substance radio (LA California), Hanger 18, rock radio show – Shmu FM (Scotland), Remnant X Radio (USA), Rebel Rock Radio (UK), etc.

Levitika recently performed live at the Adelaide Zombie Walk 2015, crowd of thousands, after being the selected band to rock out for the show!
Many more theatrical live shows and new music will be coming soon!

We’ll continue to push our musical boundaries for ourselves and most importantly our fans!