Bowling For Soup – “Drunk Dynasty”



It isn’t very often that you get to review an album from one of your favorite bands!  I have been very blessed with being able to do this here review. So, a heads up, this review will indeed be biased towards the band. Here is the question, is that a bad thing? Possibly?  Nah!       – Adam

The album starts hard and quick, much like previous hits. The very first song hits quick, and right when you think it’s about to climax it’s over, It leaves me wanting more and more. Which is probably a good thing for those listening to the full album, but I feel it may not get radio time due to this.  

The second song starts very familiar to other songs, it feels right at home with classics from the early days, this is going to be a hit, with the classic hooks, and catchy lyrics you will be singing along in no time. The third song brings styling from their later hits, big vocal hooks, with a positive goal, and it brings me back to the Sorry for Partying, and Fishing for Woos albums, from the sounds of this it will likely be their first single off of the album.

Then on to the fourth song, the title makes me think of Motley Crue, Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)- with the BFS song being titled Don’t Go To Bed Mad, with previous lyrics of the band (Song examples- Let’s Go To the Pub & 1985) it is likely something they wrote while listening to them, the song itself has that nostalgic feel of BFS, while sounding very original, the lyrics have a humor to them, something BFS has always had, another good song.

Here we go, song five, this is yet another song that brings me back to the Sorry For Partying album, sound wise this song seems out of place so far in the album, it has a similar styling rhythm and tone, with the exception of the vocals, this isn’t by any means, just a different style, and I think that it will help this song potentially hit the charts. It is a very unique song while still holding that BFS feel.

And then, here we are, about the halfway point in the album and am thinking Man, this is why I love Bowling for Soup, they can consistently put out music that sounds like them, and is original.  The sixth song, yupp, here it is, the same guitar riff they’ve used in almost all of their songs.. It at this point is irritating, hearing the album front to back, and hearing this riff, breakdown, whatever you want to call it in a majority of songs.  I love BFS don’t get me wrong, but man find something else to play on guitar. This is not a dis on BFS specifically, there are many other bands who do the same thing with the same stuff.  Dang it, now that riff is over and I’m digging the song. Did they get a choir or is that Erik? Here I go, still enjoying the song.  While yes some of the music in the album may have been played a few times, a few too many perhaps, but when I want to hear Bowling For Soup, these are still songs that I will want to hear, even after how amazing their previous album was.  

Seventh song, starts super strong, and wait is this song something that is going to talk about issues with society, oh yes, but it has the humor and god I think I’m in love “Don’t Be a Dick”, those are some powerful lyrics, anyone want to get a matching tattoo of that with me? Yes, Bowling For Soup, you have done it, you have now put another song on my favorites list. I don’t think I can say anything about this song that I haven’t said about the others.. This is freaking awesome. Stop Doing That is the eighth song on the album, this song had me headbanging, laughing, and singing along.  This song would be right at home on any of their previous albums. Hey Jealousy! Hey Jealousy! This is super catchy and it feels like I have been hearing this song for years.. But his vocals don’t sound like I remember this song… That’s right, this is a cover, the original band was the Gin Blossoms, it was, and is a great song, and I feel this is a cover that does the song great justice.  

Song ten, wait acoustic? Was that a slide guitar? what? “No I don’t want you to sleep with him”, am I being punked, is this some Steel Panther ballad?? Nope that’s for sure Jaret Reddick’s voice, this song has a great vibe, how is it that a band old enough to drink, can still shock you, and as soon as you hear it you know it is them? I don’t have the answer to that, but I am okay with that. The band pulled in a female guest vocalist for this track, and it is a great spin. Here we are track 11… should I press play or hold off for another few moments? Ahh screw it, let it play!! Whistling? What is this? This is something insanely different than anything I have heard from them in years. This is awesome, what a great drinking ballad (as long as it is a Sunday).

Just like that it is over…. Wow. Drunk Dynasty, what can I say? This right here has been a trip, I came in expecting an album washed up from song books passed, the songs that didn’t make the cut for their previous albums.  I am left here with my jaw hanging, and big stupid grin on my face. I was expecting a goodbye style album, and I am left here thinking they are just getting started. This and Lunch Drunk Love, have been mind opening albums, Bowling For Soup, a band that can make generations of people feel good, and rock out. A band that I don’t see fading away anytime in the near future. It has been a great pleasure to hear, and review this album, now I have got to go… Maybe I will see you on tour this year. (With any luck)