Lately I can’t seem to stop listening to MGK. Ironic if you know me at all, because up until I had the opportunity to capture him live on stage, I didn’t think twice about him. My boys would talk about him, loved his music, but I just didn’t want to listen. I wonder why now? My boys have introduced me to lots of music, they keep me young. But something about MGK made me not want to listen, maybe it was all the hype? Not sure.

But then, AGE got him to our little town, up to Traverse City, Michigan to perform at Ground Zero. My youngest son was telling me I HAD to shoot him. It would be amazing. Not going to lie, I was still very doubtful. It just didn’t think it was music that I would enjoy. But I love music of any kind, and if he was half as amazing as I was being told, I really couldn’t miss it.

The energy at the show was different then most. I have looked back upon it, trying to pin point and describe it and it is a hard thing to do. There is excitement in the air, and while there is a feeling of family, there is also an air of separation. I think the separation comes from why the fans come to see MGK. I think he speaks to many of his age, and they are in many different places and that is where the separation comes from.

If you listen to his music, truly listen you hear hope that you can overcome your mistakes, that you can fight and get where you want to be. His fans are in different places, some are still fighting, some have fought and failed and are trying again, and some have pushed through and are in a better place. They are where they need to be.

I started to find myself getting excited and even though he went on late and it was way past my bedtime, and I would have to get up early in the morning, I found myself not caring. And I’m so glad that I waited, so glad that I was able to capture him live.

It’s been years since I captured him live, and I find myself still visualizing his energy, it was all encompassing. As he sang you could hear his pain, you felt his joy, and you got swept up in energy. He allowed you to join in on this ride with him and it was amazing.
I find myself drawn to his inspiring songs, they have earned a spot on my play list and are played over and over. I check in on his instagram every now and then and I’m always pleasantly surprised at what he is sharing, glimpses into his life and his fame.

Even though he comes across as cocky, he also comes across as being real. He doesn’t seem like he is too proud, I get the impression that his roots are important to him and he won’t deny them. I find myself being proud of him, as odd as that sounds. He has taken the world by storm and he hasn’t changed who he is.

So if you haven’t checked him out, do me a favor and do so. Some of my favorites are “Bad Things,” “At My Best,” and “A Little More,”