Devils Envy


Photo Credits: Keysie D. Raffucci Chris Belsito Chad Martel
Artwork: Adam Serrano

This weeks Inked! is a band from Orlando, Florida, called Devils Envy.  They are quite new – but definitely one to watch – they will be melting your face off soon!   – graci 

Devils Envy come bursting into the metal scene firing on all cylinders with a voice for a generation that is long overdue for something real and in your face. This rock outfit from Central Florida embraces the charisma, characteristics, and attitude of their metal heroes in a manner that would make them proud to have inspired.

  This is a renegade metallic assault that America hasn’t encountered since the new wave of American heavy metal in the early 80’s. Devils Envy is here to bring the power back to metal in a day and age where pop music is ready for it’s funeral.

As the group’s founder, lead singer and guitar player, Angel Graves had Drummer – Eli Saint, Vocalist – Justin Sims, and Bassist – Zakk Sandler join musical forces, in order to create the music that is behind the brand and mysterious imagery.”  – Devils Envy