Messages To The Masses – March 28, 2016

Displaying Message to the Masses Promo

Have you checked out Message To The Masses yet ?  You really should!  They just released an EP called “Means To An End!”   I’ve posted two of their videos at the end of this interview – so be sure to check them out after reading this interview with their vocalist Matt Diana !!  – graci 

I did a little searching and really couldn’t find the answer, so can you tell me about how you came up with your band name, “Message To The Masses?”

My friend Cory Eckles and I we’re hanging out in his room and we we’re playing Dead Island. There was a mission called, “Message to the Masses”, and he said, “Holy shit, that should be your band name”! I brought the idea to the rest of the band and they liked it as well. The more we thought about it the more it made sense to us. After looking up if it was taken or not we we’re surprised. No one had taken the name and I thought to myself, there’s nothing more perfect! This is what a band is all about, sending a message to the masses haha.

Whose idea was it to start the band originally ?   How has the band changed in the last 5 years ? 

Myself and one of our former guitar players. The band has had the same drummer, bassist, and singer. However, we went through 2 guitar players until we found one that stuck and shared the same passion for the band as we did.

You guys only recently signed on with Artery Recordings, can you tell me how that came to be and how you guys celebrated signing ? 

We’re not exactly sure but one thing we do know is that we we’re working with our friend, Marcus Eden on our first music video. This music video is called, “Open your Eyes”. It was the first song we finished on our newly released EP, “Means to and End”. The video is dark, intense, creepy, and had a lot of fire. Marcus and Shan(president of Artery Recordings) are friends as well and were talking about how sick it would be to do a music video with a lot of fire. So when we finished ours, Marcus showed him our video and Shan was extremely impressed. He wanted to know who we are and what we we’re capable of. Like I said I’m not exactly sure how it happened but, this is kind of what came to mind. So anyways, Shan was watching us for sometime and eventually emailed us directly. From there we kind of just had a good connection and he liked what he heard. Eventually popped the question if we wanted to sign with them and obviously we said yes. I wanted to go with Artery Recordings personally because they’ve been my favorite record label for awhile and I heard how well they treated their bands. We couldn’t be happier and are grateful to be a part of the Artery family. As far as celebrating? We just hung out and talked about how we couldn’t believe that it was happening. The signing was enough for us and made us completely content. Since then we’ve just focused even more on our passion and dreams.

Who would your dream collaboration be with and why? 

Fronz from Attila or Anthony Green. If Fronz and I got down on a track it would be the tastiest yet, nastiest thing you’ve ever heard. As far as getting on a track with Anthony Green, it would be one of the most beautiful and soulful things I could create. However, both would be a lot of fun.

When you guys are on tour, what does the playlist in your vehicle sound like ?  Whose the top 3 on the list being played, and who would your fans most be surprised to hear that you have on your playlist?

Top 3 would be, Periphery, Volumes, and Lil Dicky. Probably, Lil Dicky.

What was the last concert you went to that you weren’t performing at ?

I honestly can’t remember, but it might of been Escape the Fate up in Phoenix.

When you guys are on tour do you have a food that you eat that you don’t when you are home ?   And in regards to food, what’s the weirdest thing you guys eat when on tour ?

Well I like to eat very healthy so on tour I had to eat some unhealthy food that I wasn’t to thrill about haha. Nothing that weird yet however, we did stop at this place called, “Beaver Taco”, in the middle of nowhere in Utah. Surprising, it was insanely good and I would eat there again!

What is something about you that your fans would totally not expect that you either do, or are a fan of, really anything that would be unexpected.

Honestly, I am extremely open with who I am and what I do on my social medias so I’m pretty sure nothing would be unexpected haha.

What does 2016 look like for Message To The Masses?   Where can we find you and what will you guys be up to ? 

It looks busy and full of excitement. We can’t wait to be able to tell everyone what’s to come. You can find us as usually on all of our social medias. Not too mention in different cities through out the nation. Making new music and getting ready for the next step!

Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans ?

We want to thank you for taking the time to read our interview and we hope you become die hard fans! Check out our music videos, “Open your Eyes”, and “Blood and Bones”, on YouTube! Don’t forget to subscribe, LIKE us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, and Twitter!