Wildways – Toli Wild – March 3, 2016

I recently had the opportunity to ask Toli Wild of Wildways (find them on facebook too!)  check out our interview and then check out their video for “Faka Faka Yeah”

You guys have been together since 2009, under the name “Sarah Where Is My Tea” and recently changed it to Wildways. Was it hard to make the decision to change your band name?
Aaaahm, honestly we had thoughts about changing the name “SWIMT” when we started (laughs). We were really young and we never thought that our band would become to something serious. We love this time so much and will never forget, but over now it’s a new chapter for us.
How do your fans feel about the changing of your name?

We’ve truly lost a lot fans. Our fans on Facebook and vk.com just started leaving us, yeah.

You guys have been together for quite a few years, how did you guys get together and decide to form a band?

Actually our band was formed by Sergio (guitar), Harry (bass) and I. All other guys (Slava and Kery) enjoyed our team little later. We just played with them when they all were in other bands. We just found ourselves cause we’re all professionals and have same points and ideas.

How does the dynamic of the band work when creating music? (Who does the lyrics, melodies, ect.)

A lot of music on our new album, “Into The Wild” was written by our previous guitar player Denis, who left the band after we recorded it. I write a lot of stuff as well, lyrics for sure. Now we’re looking for new sound so that’s why right now all of us write something.
I’m curious as to where the video for “Faka, Faka, yeah” was filmed?
This is Moscow, Russia baby. It was a hot as fuck summer =)

And of course I truly want to know what does “Faka” mean?

(Laughs) This is derivative from “Fuck” (laughs). I really don’t know how and why I wrote that, but I guess that’s amazing.

The watermelon in the video had me chuckling. What was the significance of the watermelon?

We didn’t want to make a serious video on Faka so all props in this video make no sense (laughs). It’s just a party. And what about watermelons – this was the director’s idea.

You guys have had the opportunity to tour with some pretty awesome bands over the years, what would you say was your first pinch me moment?

Aaahm, all our tours were different and amazing. Any new tour it’s like a history with unique jokes, memories and other. But probably when we released our last album “Love & Honor” under old name, we’ve been on two headliner tours all over Russia and Europe, which was the best yet.

Do you all share similar tastes in music, or are you pretty diverse? What are some of your favorite bands/songs right now ?

I can say that Me, Harry and Kery share similar taste in music a bit. But that’s not about Sergio and Slava for me (laughs). Sergio really loves more traditional hardcore music and Slava – crazy shredder with a lot of progressive music which I can’t understand.

You guys have your CD, “Into The Wild” coming out March 25, 2016, which is awesome!  What does the rest of 2016 look like for you guys? Will we see you over here in America on tour?

Can you ask Artery about that (laughs)? I really hope and am looking forward about that!

Anything you’d like to say to your fans?

Faka Faka Yeah


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