One Gone Thus Stream Debut EP Early

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CREDIT: Sam Smith

One Gone Thus Stream Debut EP Early



Los Angeles post-hardcore/experimental duo One Gone Thus will release their debut EPImpermanence on June 3rd, but today the band has partnered with Under the Gun Reviewto share an advance stream. The record serves as an introduction to the band’s eclectic sound that incorporates varying styles and elements.

We went about constructing the whole album with the idea of making melodic and catchy songs with an experimental bent,” says guitarist/vocalist Ryan Sabouhi. “We chose to incorporate a wide variety of unique progressions, tones, and instrumentation all in the hope that we might build a more multidimensional soundscape.

Though the record is not a traditional “concept” album, Sabouhi says the whole EP is an exploration into the notion of impermanence and how all things are subject to change. “All of us are caught between the ever changing worldly winds of pleasure and pain, praise and blame, fame and disrepute, gain and loss. We wanted this EP to be a way for us to artistically investigate these deep and abstruse matters,” says Sabouhi.

Impermanence will be available for free on June 3rd via Bandcamp, but the band is also offering a pre-order exclusive for $1 that includes one bonus track.


1) Self & Soul
2) A Girl Who Turned to Stone
3) I Disappear
4) Porcelain
5) Watch Me Change

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Promo photo

CREDIT: Sam Smith. Left to right: Ryan Sabouhi (Guitar/Vocals/Programming), Greg Eagle (Guitar/Vocals)

About One Gone Thus:
Built upon the foundations laid by a short-lived experimental project, ONE GONE THUS is the fully realized musical vision of Greg Eagle and Ryan Sabouhi. The musical duo is poised to redefine the paradigmatic idea of what it means to be a band. It has become increasingly apparent that the once objectively outlined boarders of the musical landscape have become irreversibly blurred, and for ONE GONE THUS these archaic designations have only clouded their aspirations for true artistic expression. As such, they have abandoned them altogether in the pursuit of something greater. The duo has been influenced by a vast array of dynamic and pioneering artists across multiple genres, and ambitious as though it might be, the group hopes to bridge the gap between commercial accessibility and musical experimentation like none before. Lyrically, they strive to inspire by example, investigating the most fundamental issues concerning philosophy, morality, and self-examination. Their ethos, though generally cryptic in nature, is actually quite explicit. They deeply understand and endeavor to impress upon others the truth that, “all things are impermanent and subject to change”. Letting their own emotional experiences bleed into, saturate, and permanently stain the music that they create, ONE GONE THUS holds nothing back from its audience as they strive to manifest completely in all that they do as artists. Not one’s to speculate about what the future holds, the duo does however believe one immutable fact; this is only the beginning.