Broken Rail – “Broken Rail”

Although I had not heard of BrokenRail until I heard this EP, I can tell you already that I am a fan of them. I have only heard the three songs on this EP, but if I see their name show up in local events, you can bet any money I will be there, front row, rocking out to it.

The EP starts strong, with a song called Memory. In this track, I can really hear the Three Days Grace inspiration.  It’s a good song, produced well, and you can really feel the emotion the band put into the song.

The second track, is the single off of the EP, Walk Again (Explicit). This song, it sounds very familiar, making it an easy song to enjoy. It’s one of those songs that sticks with you for a while. I listened to it earlier today, and have found myself singing it in my head. It is a great song, and again, you can hear the energy and emotion put into this track. The vocalist really shows his range in this track.. That final note… man, I’m not going to describe it, just go listen, and prepare for a jaw dropper.

Save Me, the third and final song  on this EP, this song oddly enough reminds me of something Corey Taylor (Slipknot/Stone Sour) would have written or sung, the overall feel of the song reminds me of his style, and I love it. It sounds familiar enough, and original enough that its something I am sure will find its way into my playlist and probably get some radio time in the near future.

Now, the downfall of this…This is a great sounding album don’t get me wrong, but it sounds similar to most of the Post HardCore/ Post Grunge stuff. The upside? Well, since Three Days Grace split up (well, replaced their singer..) It just hasn’t been the same, and while Saint Asonia is great, they aren’t the band that Three Days Grace was. (In my opinion.. I have seen them, and do like them, but preferred Adam’s sound with Three Days Grace).

This band, BrokenRail, they sound like they could be a viable option to fill in the shoes for them. If you are a fan of any of Three Days Grace, you are going to be a fan of BrokenRail.  – Adam