Temple Agents – Ale Solar – August 4, 2016


I had the opportunity to do an interview with Ale from Temple Agents!   Temple Agents are a hard rock band from Santiago, Chile.   They were formed in 2009 by Ale Solar and Fernando Elizalde.     – graci


Hello Guys!  Thanks so much for taking the time to do this interview!  I’m so excited to be introduced to your music, I fell in love with it almost instantly!

I know you guys just started your tour with Candlebox and Lullwater, is this your first time touring in the States?

Yes, this is our first time touring the States.

Are you guys having a hard time adjusting ?

Not really, we have only 1 hour of difference between our countries and we were really prepare to do this.

And I always wonder what food people miss the most from home!

This has been hard really, we miss our healthy food specially and our national liquor “pisco”!! But we have found some good places to eat around the cities we’ve been into.

Have you had any tour shenanigans yet ?

So many!! lol, one of them is that the Bus left three of us behind in Shreveport and they found out that we weren’t there and had to come back.

Can you explain a bit how the name Temple Agents came to be ?

Fernando (lead guitarist) and I were working in a Bank when we first met, and we were in charge of a bank agency, so our official range there was an “Agent”. When we started working in songs we decided to call our band “Agents” but after we became a little bigger and started having international sales an old band from Finland send us some a sort of “sue warning” because they called themselves “Agents” since the 70’s I think. So we had to change our name to “Temple Agents”.

Are you guys going to be releasing a follow up to “Find The Place” soon?   I’m sure fans are waiting not so patiently !

We are actually working on the demos for our second album right now, we think that we will be hitting the studio here in the States the first trimester of 2017.

What does your guys’ writing process look like?  Are you writing while on the road, or?

Our common formula is that we write at home, Fernando or me usually brings guitars ideas and I go with vocal melodies and lyrics. After this Mat and DNT brings the bass and drums. I have actually a few songs ideas in this tour but this is totally a new writing process to me at least.

What song off of “Find The Place” means the most to you, and why?

Lyrically I would say that all of them! they are true and honest songs with lyrics that speak about our life and how we “surf” it. I write about how I free myself from things that I didn’t want to do and be loyal to who I really am. My plan is to send messages thru our songs that can help people to free themselves from their own “prisons” an also care about the rest of the world. We are a society, not just individuals and we all have a lot to do and say in this world. In saying this I would say that my favorite songs are FREE and FIND THE PLACE.

What is something you eat while on tour that you don’t eat at home?

Fried food in general!

Is there a question that you wish someone would ask you in interviews that they never do?  If so, what and please answer!

I love when ask me about the meaning of lyrics and songs, I am a literal writer so I need my message to be clear for all the people that hear our songs, I would really like to help in making a better world and I think I can help with our lyrics, passion and energy.

If we took a peek at your playlist on your phone, what would the last three songs you played be ?   And on that playlist, who would your fans be most surprised to find you listen to ?

I would say that Bruce Springsteen, Kings of Leon and Lissie lately. Definitely my fans are going to be surprised about Lissie.

Who is one of your all time favorite bands, and what is your favorite song of theirs ?

Pearl Jam, State of love and trust.

What is one of your favorite songs to perform live ?

Divine Lightning

Do you remember your first “pinch me” moment ?

Probably all of this tour.

What can fans expect to see from Temple Agents in 2016?

More shows and writing process.

Thanks again for the interview!

Thank you!!!   -Ale