Another Lost Year’s “Alien Architect”

If you follow along on, then you know I am a slacker when it comes to reviews of Albums.  I love music, but it sometimes takes me a bit to listen to the whole thing and then to put the way the music made me feel into words is sometimes an almost impossible task.   But, sometimes there are Albums that just make me go, yes you need to do a review of this!  Such is the case with Another Lost Year’s “Alien Architect.”

Alien Architect has been out since June 10, 2016, and I’m sure you have already picked up a copy or download one.   But if not, let me just encourage you to do so!

The lyrics are amazing and meaningful, drawing you in and making you think about your life, and where you are going.  The melodies are soft, yet not.  These boys are playing rock and roll for you.  If you aren’t a fan of the harder rock, then these guys are for you!

As I listened I found myself thinking that they sound similar to someone, but I couldn’t quite place it, and I never did.   I think it is just because each song is so unique that it sounds familiar, and I do realize that makes no sense!

Two of my favorite songs are “Trigger Finger” and “The Best Is Yet To Come.”    Right now, the first single that was released is  “We All Die Alone,” which will have you on your feet jumping!  It’s that good!

So if you are looking for some Rock and Roll and feel like no one is coming out with any right now (which you are wrong – dead wrong – because they are out there) then give these guys a listen!   What are you waiting for ?  Go to Another Lost Years page now! 

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