Ghosts Again – “The Closest Thing To Closure”

Ghosts Again

Remember a few days ago when I posted an interview that I did with Ghosts Again’s Alex Cortright? Well since then I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing their EP, “The Closest Thing To Closure” which comes out on April 22, 2016.

Let me just tell you Ghosts Agains EP doesn’t disappoint! It provides the perfect mix of screams and melodies! And that is something that is very important to me, I don’t know about you . . .

They speak of love, and despair and yet manage to not make it depressing ? Not sure how? They seem to turn it into a big Fuck You. When listening to the lyrics, which you know I love to do, I feel his pain in the loss, yet I am not lead to believe he is giving up. Quite the opposite, he seems to be moved to do better, to move on and excel. I may be reading a lot into the lyrics, but that is definitely what I get from this EP!

I love the complexity of the song at the end of “Pant’s Division,” the addition of what sounds like a keyboard (remember – I’m not musically inclined!) is the perfect touch. And these lyrics – “Sleep soft and fade away, I promise I’ll be whole someday. But we’ll never really get home, so sleep alive. The end is silence.” are just plain amazing.

I’ve been listening and re-listening to this EP for the last hour, and I just plain love it! ” Relive_Revive” and “Pant’s Division” are going onto my playlist as soon as this is posted!

I’ve been reading a lot that no ones takes their time to make their lyrics meaningful, and I just can’t even begin to understand where that is coming from. And you certainly aren’t going to find that’s the case with Ghosts Again!

Do yourself a favor and pre-order their EP. They are a young, up and coming band that are doing this on their own so be sure to support them!  – graci